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Student Management

The Student Management System can handle a large volume of data from students and offer reliable information. It is designed to serve students' common interests, and teachers and principals can assist students with the registration and admissions process. The system is also designed with the objective of tracking Students Daily Attendance and managing their Academics, Tasks, Events, and Leaves by allocating them Class, Section, Tasks, Assignments, and Class Notes, as well as analysing and assessing Student and Teacher performance in teaching varied Subjects and Courses. Moreover, Students will also learn about new generation technologies with their daily academic activities with simple architecture and easy to understand user interface for students.

It's a student data management system that aids educational institutes in their establishment. School ERP Education Management features include the ability to register/enroll students in various courses, as well as the outcomes of student exams and other assessment scores, as well as the creation of student schedules and timetables, regular tracking of student attendance, and other student-related data.

Student Management

Student Edit / Update

Student Online Application

For students, School ERP Education Management delivers a cloud-based Online Enrollment and Admission procedure. The technology will assist parents in registering their children in a timely and effective manner.

The comprehensive Student Registration Process will be controlled by admin to handle and expedite the enrollment process for the same, and it will provide an Online Registration form for the Schools to meet enrollment targets and increase the Institute's student strength.

Parents can complete the Online Admission form for the Enrollment process with all of their child's personal and academic information. They must also upload all academic certificates, including the previous Institute's school leaving certificate, as well as images for photo identification.

The admin will cross-check all uploaded documents against original copies, mark them as verified, and approve the application for the next step. Parents will not need to go to the Institute to pay the fees; instead, they will receive an online token to pay the fees using the School ERP Education management online payment gateway, making the fees payment process competent and hassle-free.

Our interactive Mobile app will enable easy access to the Student Admission Process Form on iOS and Android devices, allowing for better communication via email and SMS notifications, maximising and controlling student enrollment.

As a result, the primary goal is to save time and reduce administrative costs by 30% for the Institutes. This module will cut down on manual paperwork and give you quick and easy access to enrollment forms and statistics. It will undoubtedly cut management and employee workloads while also improving communication and efficiency.

Student Attendance

Teachers may use our interactive Mobile App to create daily attendance for their students, as well as view weekly, monthly, and yearly attendance for their students. As a result, parents can keep track of and supervise their children's attendance. Students can also examine their attendance on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. Teachers can view each student's attendance by class, section, month, or year using different Streams / Departments.

Students List

This feature displays a list of all the Institute's enrolled students. The administrator can enter all of the new student's information, including their registration number, roll number, first name, phone number, and photo.