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Fees Management

All fee-related institutional actions can be handled and managed by admin. They can also specify the sort of fee to be paid, as well as the payment method (cash, check, or visa card).

The fee setting list will include all of the details of students who have already paid their fees as well as those who have not yet paid and will be subject to a late fee payment penalty. It will also display which stream students are pursuing their education. The fees head can also be assigned to multiple sections by the administrator.

Fees Collection is the most significant component of Fees Management; when a student gives their fees to the school administration, it will enter all of their information, including their admission number or cellphone number, as well as stream, class, section, and student name. It will show the fees paid status for the specific student after receiving and filling out the fees collection form.

Fees Management

Fees Master
It will also display which stream students are pursuing their education. Admin can also designate the fees head for different sections, such as which head the fees are paid under, and with which account group name the payments are paid.
The admin can add different streams / departments with class names, fees heads, and the amount paid for academic fees in the fees head allocation.
Fee Receipt

Fee Receipt Head Wise

Fee Discount Head Wise

Fee Receipt Group Wise

Fee Adjustment

Advance Fee Receipt

Add Other Fee

Other Fee Receipt

Fee Refund